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Intelligent GLO

At Intelligent GLO, short for “Intelligent Globular Trading Company,” our journey commenced in 2016 from the heart of Finland. However, our rich history traces back to 2005 in the Middle East.

Our Mission

We assist businesses in planing Marketing Strategy, implementing it, navigating sales pipelines, empower existing sales teams, and provide outsourcing sales services. Our goal is to equip companies with the necessary tools for remarkable market development and sales growth on the global stage.


Our Versatility and Tailored Solutions

Intelligent GLO is all about flexibility. We provide a range of solutions meticulously tailored to each SME’s unique needs. Whether it’s Marketing strategy, accelerating and optimizing sales & expanding market reach with empowering existing sales teams, or  outsourcing sales services.


Unlock Your Business Potential

If you’re a business, whether small, medium, or large-sized, or a startup aiming for sales growth, and market development across the EU or Middle East, look no further. Contact us  for a free consultancy today!

Let’s elevate your business together.

Our History

Our Roots Trace Back to 2005, in a pivotal year, we founded Parand Rastar Company and established partnerships with esteemed international companies (From Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, etc.), seeking assistance in Go-to-Market strategy, marketing, and outsourced sales for new markets.

Our primary focus was on the Middle East region, where we provided comprehensive services to clients from diverse countries aiming to enter the Middle East market but soon we expand our services for existing clients to EU market also. These collaborative efforts laid the foundation for our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence.


Collaborations That Define Us

Over the years, we’ve collaborated  include Marketing strategy, Digital Marketing, Empowering existing Sales teams and Outsourcing Sales and close deals (also: participating in international exhibitions, arranging events, growth hacking, market and customer segmentation, negotiation, implementing and organizing distribution channels, and Closing deal).

These endeavors have allowed us to work with industry leaders across various domain


Expanding Horizons

Intelligent GLO isn’t confined by borders. We’ve expanded our reach by investing in various countries and holding shares in well-known companies. Notable among these is our partnership with Suomen Lämpöpuu (SLP Co.), alongside collaborations with Haserv and the Thermory Group.

Our journey continues, fueled by innovation, dedication, and a global vision.


Join us as we illuminate new paths for businesses worldwide.

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