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πŸ€” Which customer group would you never want to sell to?

In the market, customers can be categorized into four groups, shaping our sales strategy:

1️⃣ Cheap Buyer Customers:
They believe a good deal equals a cheap deal, often sacrificing value for a lower price. Caught in the SALE trap, they see increased prices followed by substantial discounts as excellent deals.

2️⃣ Difficult Buyers:
These customers demand extensive information, both before and after sales. They often seek additional services and are prone to complaints. Serving them requires more time, energy, and resources, yet achieving satisfaction remains challenging.

3️⃣ Sophisticated Customers:
Focused on value, these customers need to be convinced that they are paying for quality. Their approach is logical and value-based.

4️⃣ Affluent Customers:
Wealthy individuals who crave exclusivity. They are willing to invest in items beyond the reach of many, cherishing the uniqueness of their purchases.

Our sales strategy adapts to different customer types, but I never sell to Difficult buyers.

Instead, I guide them towards competitors. Dealing with a Difficult buyer takes 5X more time and energy, and they may still end up dissatisfied.

It’s wiser to let competitors serve them and save our team’s resources for happy customers! πŸŒπŸ’Ό

Do you have experience with Difficult buyers?


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