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Customer: Let me think about it, I will return back!

My answer: ???


In a sales negotiation, when we’ve considered and applied all negotiation tips, the customer may express their decision in three ways:

1- It’s OK, Deal!

2- No, I’m not proceeding with the deal.

3- Let me think about it, I will return back.

In the first scenario, the deal is closed, and all is well – that’s fantastic!

In the second scenario, it’s within the customer’s right to say NO, just as it is our right to say NO.

However, in the third scenario, when the customer says, “Let me think about it, I will return back,” it essentially means NO but in a different way. There’s a significant distinction between this type of rejection and the second one. In this situation, the negotiation isn’t closed, and there are ways to continue and potentially turn it into a deal.

But how do we do that?

In this situation, it’s crucial to understand why the customer hesitated and gently guide them back to the deal. Below are some tips that can be adopted, depending on the situation, to turn it into a deal:

1- First, you could say: “Yes, I understand, and it’s great to take more time to think about it! Is there anything specific you’d like more information on, or any concerns you’d like me to address?”

2- Then, reply to the customer by reiterating the values and tailoring the solution to their challenges, along with providing additional information.

3- Share testimonials and examples of previous clients whose challenges were solved by our solutions.

4- You may need to use a TRICK here:

4-1- Create urgency: If appropriate, generate a sense of urgency without pressuring the customer. Inform them about any limited-time offers or promotions relevant to their decision-making process.

4-2- Offer a widerer range of choices to the customer (based on where you think they have doubts) and help them decide on an option.

Politely remind the customer that it’s their choice to deal or not, but dealing could solve their problem, while not dealing could keep money and problems both. Which option is the best for them?

If we can close the deal, it’s excellent; otherwise, we should specify a follow-up date, keeping the negotiation open for the next session.

Remember, the key is to maintain a positive and collaborative tone throughout the conversation. By addressing concerns, providing additional information, and reinforcing value, you increase the chances of turning the negotiation into a successful deal.

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