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Influencing client is closing deal meeting

Closing a deal starts with meeting the client and discussing their challenges. If we’ve got an hour for the meeting, remember, it’s not about proving how experienced we are or explaining our solutions right away.


In the first meeting, keep it simple. Introduce yourself briefly, then ask the client about their challenges.

Listen carefully, and let them explain their problems. After that, ask some questions to make sure you understand their challenges well. We can then take the time to customize our solutions to fit the client’s needs.


Don’t forget, we’re not selling anything. Our goal is to help with the client’s challenges.

In the last 5 to 10 minutes of the meeting, briefly mention some ways we could help, but let the client know we need time to prepare detailed solutions. This could happen in the next meeting.


Common Mistakes: There are two mistakes that sales managers often make in their first meeting, making it hard to close the deal:

  1. Sharing too much information in the first meeting before signing any agreement, just to prove we’re the right choice.
  2. Talking about alternative solutions instead of listening carefully to the client’s challenges.


These mistakes confuse the client and make them unsure if our solutions can really help. So, in the first meeting, focus on listening. Let the client explain their challenges, ask your questions, and at the end, mention some points that might help. But, ask the client to wait for one or two weeks for our detailed proposal and solutions.

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