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Customer: What is your product guarantee?
My answer: !!!

In every negotiation, customers may inquire about our guarantee, and as deal closers, it’s crucial to showcase why we are the best choice to assist in their challenges.

First: Certainly, we consider a guarantee for our products or services.

For instance, a

“60-day money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied.”

Second: Guide the negotiation to align our guarantee with the customer’s ideal.

Instead of mentioning it proactively, wait until the customer asks,

“What is your guarantee?”

and respond with:

“What kind of guarantee would make you happy?”


“What are your expectations for a guarantee?”

If the customer’s desired guarantee aligns with our standard, such as “30 days money back,” “45 days money back,” or “60 days money back,” we can affirm,

“OK, we’ll offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee.”

If the customer expects a guarantee outside our standard, like

“One year money back,”

respond with:

“I understand your desire to ensure our product meets your needs. We value that too, and we are offering a “60-day money-back guarantee”.

I am confident that during this period, you will find our product valuable and the right solution for you.

While guaranteeing customer satisfaction, is their right, it’s important to communicate it at the right time and in the right way during negotiations to build trust.

What are your thoughts on discussing guarantees with customers?

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