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Step into the Customer’s Shoes and asking questions!
Preparation is key!

The initial phase of gearing up for sales negotiation and sealing the deal involves thorough homework.

This encompasses gathering data and insights about the customer, understanding their challenges, and staying informed about our competitors who are also engaged in negotiations with the customer.

Valuable information can be extracted from the customer’s website, social media channels, and insights into their competitors. Additionally, a personal visit to the customer’s office, site, or a casual coffee chat can provide deeper insights.

Crafting a well-thought-out questionnaire can also be instrumental, ensuring we pose insightful questions about the specific challenges the customer expects us to address.

However, amidst all the preparation, it’s crucial to bear in mind a fundamental aspect of negotiation:

The deal is truly closed when the customer TRUSTs us and emotionally believes it’s a win-win situation!

While diligently conducting our homework, it’s imperative to anticipate and address all potential questions the customer might raise during the negotiation. Towards the end of our presentation,

we proactively say:

“Now, if I were in your shoes, I would ask…,”

Following this prompt, we provide well-prepared answers.

These questions could span a range of topics, from details about our offerings, services, solutions, warranty, and more.

The final question we pose on behalf of the customer is:

“Why should I choose to make an agreement with you for assistance?”

A well-crafted response to this question is essential.

Adopting this approach ensures that all customer queries are addressed towards the end of our presentation, showcasing our professionalism and comprehensive consideration of solutions from various angles.

In essence, the meticulous preparation of both our homework and anticipating customer questions is the foundational step in negotiation, ultimately fostering trust.

Share your experience in deal negotiation.

What posed the greatest challenge?

Were you ever caught off guard by a surprising question?

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